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Stefano Di Filippo

Founder & Director

Being a three-time World Champion of Latin dance, nothing happens by chance.


Having been competing professionally worldwide and specializing in the dance field for more than twenty years, Stefano realizes that the joy of dance lies in the connection between the mind and the body. When the music is playing, the dance floor becomes our stage to interpret all walks of life. The beautiful body and the heart go along together in dance, achieving a unique self.


Awards are certainly a professional affirmation. More importantly, it represents aspiration, perseverance, and flexibility. Behind the competitions are endless practices, countless injuries, enduring grit, and courage to fail. What matters is not the ranking, but the dedication to dance — how to continuously improve dance skills, how to perform with great ease, and how to touch people's hearts with dance.


This story of this world champion also represents the unconditional love and support of his family mother. Stefano's dancing life began at the age of eight. Especially his mother, who has given 100% dedication to Stefano and his sister, Annalisa, has always been nurturing, encouraging, and accompanying them in every milestone of their dance training and career. She is the greatest important influencer as she ignited their passion and talents. Today's Stefano has become well-renowned. Looking ahead, Stefano will continue to pass on the beauty of Latin dance through dance performance and education to express his gratitude to his mother.


All these are the driving force for Stefano to develop SDF. Through dance and creation, he wishes that more people know more about themselves, relax, improve body build and strength, and appreciate performing arts; thus becoming happier with noble sentiment, enriched artistic cultivation and aesthetic quality, and healthy body and mind.

Annalisa Di Filippo

Dance Program Consultant

Annalisa is a renowned professional Latin dancer who has accomplished remarkable results in international dance competitions, including Vice World Champion and European Champion twice.


She also participated in the well-known Italian TV dance show - Dancing With The Stars. She travels around the world to teach and share her expertise as a experienced judge in many dance competitions worldwide.


Being the Dance Program Consultant, Annalisa is determined to enrich and enhance SDF’s dance program development and to lead SDF for continuous innovation on dance art.

Luca & Alessandra Urso

Dance Program Directors

It has been 27 years since the dance power couple embarked on their journey with dance. They have encountered many challenges, such as limited learning resource because of their their humble background, but these has not affected their dedication and passion for dancing.

From participating and winning in the largest international Latin Dance competitions, such as Blackpool UK, to being invited to dance on the USA TV Show, World of Dance 2020, and successfully being the champion, their remarkable achievements in dance are well recognized.


As Dance Program Directors, they are excited to embrace endless possibilities in dance development and create happy memories for our customers through dance.

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